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This is a site with instructions on how to unlock Mio GPS models C220 / C320 /C320b
in order to use any map apart from the pre-installed.

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Links to maps/software forums updated.
16/03/2008 Site was re-designed. Hope it is a little bit easier to read now.
07/03/2008 Support for C220 stops. Site will be updated only with C320/C320B files.
Last cracked files for C220 (January 2008) will remain.
14/02/2008 Updated cracked files for C220/C320/C320B - January 2008 version

Some things you really want to know about this page

1 This site is dedicated only to Mio C220/C320/C320b devices. We don't care about other ones. Use Google.
2 It does NOT explain how to fully unlock the device in order to use Windows CE and install other crap applications like Destinator. And will never do.
3 Only main cracked files are available here. If you are interested in full program versions or Text-To-Speech shit, then scat.
4 Everything posted here is tested. If they don't work for you, we don't care. If you end up with a fucked up device, we also don't give a shit. In other words, USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. Simple as that.
5 It is very unlikely to actually fuck up your device. Even if it doesn't start, connect it with your computer, insert the original DVD and select the option "Restore Original MioMap Program Files". Your device will be brand new. Tried it over a dozen times, works, believe me.
6 Most of the info, files and maps you'll find here are extracted from two wonderful forums.
Go visit them and you'll find many many other splendid things about your device.
GPS Underground: http://www.gpsunderground.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=4
PPC Warez: http://forum.ppcwarez.org/viewforum.php?f=241
7 Password for all rar archives is : http://mioheaven.mywebcommunity.org/

Mio C220 (MioMap v3.3 January 10, 2008 Version)

Step 1 . Browse C220 Internal Flash Memory Files
  Mio does not offer any kind of software to directly access the device's internal files. This is simply because you don't actually need to do something like that, as maps / software updates offered from Mio use their own file exchange mechanism. So, the first thing you need to do is to get a simple tool to access the files stored into the device's flash memory. It is called Mio Transfer Hack C250 (don't worry about the 250 thing, C220 and C250 are identical devices in terms of functionality).

Download it from here:  http://illusionstyle.free.fr/videos/Transfer_Mio_C250.rar

Utility is very simple to use, just plug the device, let the computer recognize it and then run the program. You'll see two lists, one on the left and one on the right. The left one is the contents of your computer. The right one is the contents of your device. Showtime begins in just a few seconds...

Step 2. Get the necessary cracked files
  OK a little blah blah here. In folder \MioMap you'll find the MioMap program files. Mio, our beloved company, has locked some files so that you cannot add any other map apart from the pre-installed. Maps must be stored to folder \MioMap\maps. If you try to put any other map there, on startup a message will be displayed saying "Some maps are locked, visit www.mio-tech.be for more details" (or something like that, I cannot remember it exactly right now, it's late). So, before we put any map we like, we have to replace the "locked" files with some cracked ones.

The files we are interested in are: The miomap.exe (main executable) followed by a miomap.exe.id (its descriptor, many users claim it is not necessary, whatever), a small one called license.db (the maps license file) and the GUI file, named data.zip. The license file basically "tells" the program which maps the owner is authorized to use. Generally, the pre-installed license.db is designed in a way that user can only use the specific pre-installed map. One could say: "Let's replace this file and we're done!". Not yet. The license.db is not adequate itself. A cracked miomap.exe is also needed, along with a suitable data.zip. Data.zip is not actually "cracked" but it must be consistent with .exe version or it may cause trouble.

Get the files here:
Uploaded.to: http://uploaded.to/?id=zhwri4

Step 3. Replace the original file with the cracked ones
  Extract the RAR archive you just downloaded somewhere on your hard disk. Rename the original files located into the device's flash so if something goes wrong, you'll be able to go back instantly. For example, rename miomap.exe to miomap.orig and license.db to license.orig etc. Keep in mind that device's operating system is Windows CE, so letters case does not matter. Copy the cracked files on the device. Press EXIT on Mio Transfer Hack. HARD REBOOT the device (press power button and keep it pressed until it switches off). Power it back on.

If everything goes well, you'll see no difference. Only now you can put any map you want :-)

Step 4. Download and place any map you want
  Run Mio Transfer Hack again and place any map you want in folder \MioMap\maps. If you plan to put many map files, C220's internal memory is not adequate, so you will have to buy an SD memory card. In this case, create a folder \MioMap\maps in the SD card and put any map you want there. MioMap will automatically recognize the map files from SD card. Warning! Do not put the same map file on both internal memory and SD card! Maps for Miomap are always .fbl files, and you can name them as you want.

Where to find maps ? Try these wonderful forum threads:

I won't update these links, use Google or search within the forums.

Mio C320 / C320b (MioMap v3.3 January 10, 2008 Version)

Step 1 . Browse C320 / C320b Internal Flash Memory Files
  As opposed to the C220's case, you can directly access C320's files via Windows Explorer. When you connect it, Windows maps one or two drive letters, one for the device's flash memory and another one for device's SD memory card, if any. So, no special utility is needed. Mio offers Mio Transfer, but it is completely useless.

Step 2. Get the necessary cracked files
  Follow instructions for C220 (replace them in other words). Very simple.

Get the files here:
RapidShare:  http://rapidshare.com/files/99977035/DEV320JAN08.rar.html

Uploaded.to: http://uploaded.to/?id=s2z8fn

Step 3. Replace the original file with the cracked ones and place any map you want
  Same story as above for C220. We're done here :-) Have a nice day!